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1. Akara  
(Nigeria, W. Africa)
A savory treat painstakingly prepared from hand-shelled black-eyed peas blended with vegetables and select spices, then fried in light oil to perfection. Served with Katanga sauce*. $4.95

2. Zanzi Fries / Dundu   VIEW
(Common in the coastal regions of W. Africa)
Akin to french fries in shape but not in taste. Prepared from sweet yams coated in spices and fried golden brown. Served with Katanga sauce*. $4.50

    Zanzi Fries

3. Lumumba Peppered Wings  
Fried chicken winglets delicately sauteed in our full-flavored sweet pepper sauce. Served mild or hot. (When available) $5.50

4. Fried Plantains  
(Musa Spientum)
This is the biggest of all the bananas and a major staple in tropical Africa. These are sliced fried golden brown, and served with Katanga sauce*. $3.75

5. Yinka Wings   VIEW
Spicy Whole Chicken Wings
Our signature chicken wings! Fried golden brown with a touch of African Pelepele**. Charged with bold flavor. Mild, medium or hot. Extra hot add $1.50. Small $5.50 Large $9.95

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