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Vegetarian Entrees

29. Vegetarian Stewed Spinach
(Efo)  VIEW
Fresh stewed spinach in African spices with a blend of choice vegetables. Served with white rice. $10.50

30. Vegetarian Collard Greens  
Farm-fresh greens meticulously washed and prepared before stewing with spices and vegetables. $10.95

31. Vegetarian Sukumbi (Melange)  
An extravagant mix of assorted vegetables cooked in a tomato base with African herbs, spices, tofu and Dawadawa (spice). $11.95

32. Geelrys and Oran  
A recipe of South African background. Long-grain rice cooked down with raisins, cinnamon and herbs, accompanied by sauce made from mushrooms and broccoli. $11.95

33. Vegetarian Jollof Rice  

Long-grain rice cooked in a tomato base with vegetables and flavorful African spices. Served with your choice of spinach stew, peanut banfi or collard greens. $11.75

34. Geelrys and Spinach  
Same as above but served with stewed spinach. $11.75

35. Vegetarian Watusi Platter  
A sampler sized combination of three stews and white rice or two stews and Vegetarian Jollof rice. (Choose from items 2732) $13.50
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