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Welcome to a land as diverse as it is immense.
Africa is really many different Africas. Fifty-three distinct countries and more than six hundred million people share a continent that is the second largest in the world. With so much land and so many people, contrasts, as well as commonalties, emerge. And the individual to take you on a delightful "tour" of them all is Yinka Adedokun. A native of Nigeria and proprietor of the renowned African Hut Restaurant in Milwaukee, Yinka presents an eye-opening view of his homeland. Interpreting Africa through its foods and textiles, Yinka will entertain you with tidbits such as these:

Africa is the birthplace of the coffee plant, as well as the world's largest cocoa producer. It is a continent flowing with oil, not only petroleum but also olive oil. Impoverished in areas by climate and ancient conflicts, Africa is nevertheless rich in diamonds and gold. A land of both mystery and variety. Yinka's Africa always amazes.
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