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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel articles:

July 23, 2002; Chefs remake state favorites on an international scale "Yinka Adedokun accepted the challenge to restyle the traditional Green Bay Booyah Chicken Stew with an African twist."
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March 2, 2000; African Hut is featured as one of the New Friday Flavors "[African Hut's] bountiful fish fry [is] probably the only one in Milwaukee that includes delicately fried plantain - and one of the very few places where you can eat a fish fry with leopard-skin wallpaper and a Masai war shield in the background."
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December 15, 1998; Taste of Africa; African Hut owner Aims To Teach, Not Just Feed. "Besides serving the usual downtown lunch and dinner crowds, the couple has built a steady business catering to groups, combining food with presentations on African art, music, culture and politics.
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